AFP Tech can provide some other kind of internals like wire mesh candles, dryers or inlet distributors. These internals are generally made on the base of customer's design and drawings.

CANDLES: sometimens happens that it's necessary to treat a big gas flowrate but, at the same time, the diameter of the vessel is not enough to guarantee that the gas velocity is between the max and the min allowed velocity limits. 
In this case the use of a candle can be the right solution providing the right suface for the gas flow, working with the right velocity and reducing the vessel diameter.
pacchi cyclone
DRYER FOR CYCLONES: this kind of vane pack are often used in “steam drums” located over cyclones to eliminate small liquid droplets drained by vapour stream. Compared with wire mesh separators the thickness of these packs is lower so they are useful when the available space is small. They can be made with different shapes and profiles to obtain the best performances in terms of droplets separation and pressure drop.
inlet with holes 1
FEED DIFFUSER: in some processes it's required a correct distribution of the flow inside a vessel and, often before some other process internals like wedge screens. In this cases it's possible to use a feed diffuser. There are many different kinds of diffuser and, on the base of customer's need, international standard and customer's design, we can draw and make some of them.