Wire mesh demisters are widely used when a effective separation between liquid and solid phase is very important in order to obtain cheap and efficient industrial processes.
This kind of separators are made by a alveolar structure of wire mesh obtained by the superposition of several layers of a tubular sock. This sock is weaved by very thin wires (usually with a diameter inferior to 0,3 mm) and that allows to obtain a structure with high free volume (usually > 95%), a big active surface with a low density of the mesh allowing a saving about used material and costs.


Wire mesh separators are used for example:
- to purify gasses;
- to eliminate liquids that could damage the production processes;
- to prevent problems to the plant structures;
- to prevent dangerous emissions for the environment;
- to recover expensive liquids



- Easy installation and moving through man holes and small spaces.
- High efficiency of the separation process with low pressure drop.
- Reduction of the vessel's dimensions with less working costs.
- Less costs if compared with other separation methods.


Wire mesh demisters are often supplied with accessories like boxes, extractors and fixing systems with every kind of round, tube, sheet or other profile. Among the most common there are:
- Support grates used to contain the mesh pad between them.
- Containment meshes usually used to contain the wire mesh inside the support grates.
- Elements for fixing systems like: L bolts, J bolts, fixing wire.
- Superficial treatment: every welded material could be treated with a passivation process in order to eliminate all the residues of welding and to avoid a corrosion effect due to an aggressive environment.